Frequently Asked Questions

A. For a simple answer: no.  I believe that nutrition is personal and there are many ways to put together a healthy eating plan without the limitations of a restrictive diet or meal plan.  We do food diaries to help evaluate the routines of what you eat and how we can make improvements, but we need the flexibility and creativity to create meals based on your habits.
A. I do not offer to diagnose or treat any disease or condition.  I offer information about the state of function of your body and possible ways of improving its biochemistry for the purpose of living a more balanced, healthful and wellness oriented lifestyle.  However, if during the course of my analysis of your case we encounter findings that are outside of our scope or expertise, I will advise you.  If you desire advice, diagnosis or treatment for those findings, I will recommend that you seek the services of a health care provider who specializes in the area.  Regardless of what the disease is called, I do not offer to treat it.  Nor do I offer advice regarding treatment prescribed by others.  My ONLY OBJECTIVE is to improve your biochemistry through the use of improved nutrition and offer suggestions that would help you live a more balanced and healthful life.
A. No!  I am not a medical doctor and therefore to not prescribe or give medical advice on any pharmaceutical drugs.  For any questions about your prescriptions, you should consult your prescribing physician. 
A. Supplementation is one of my areas of specialty!  In Visit 1: Nutrition Assessment, we will discuss your current supplementation program and decide whether or not to continue each product.
A. Evaluating blood work is an important part of the functional approach to whole body health.  The more current the lab work, the more accurate the protocol.  I can order lab work for you or you can get it through your medical doctor, no matter where it comes from, I can use it!
A. Absolutely!  I work with children of all shapes and sizes from newborns to toddlers to school-aged kids all the way through adolescents and young adults.
A. Insurance companies do not typically reimburse for nutrition counseling.  Occasionally, doctors will refer patients to a registered dietician within a hospital or medical system for diagnosis specific to diabetes or renal disease.  However!  Any services and/or supplements I recommend are able to be paid for with HSAs (Health Savings Accounts).

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