I have been working with Jennifer Franco for over 6 years now and she has been very helpful in navigating for me a healthy lifestyle with supplements and dietary suggestions. She is always available when I have questions and I have seen great results in how I feel. I have enjoyed working with her and look forward to many healthy years ahead!

Gail H.

I have been a client of Jennifer Franco’s for about 15 years. She is the most caring and knowledgeable person I know. I’ve been through a lot in these years and I am so grateful to have worked through these with Jen. I highly recommend her and SOW.

Always grateful.

Peggy J.

I have been working with Jen Franco and using Whole Food Nutrition and Herbal Therapy since 2011. In the beginning we worked on digestion and adrenal support and every year I have always done one of the Cleanse Kits to keep my body healthy. The 10-day Blood Sugar Kit is my favorite because although I don’t have diabetes, I put myself last to take care of, so meals are sometimes skipped as well as water intake. I have seen awesome results in doing that cleanse and balancing my blood sugar in my body while losing those last couple pounds from Christmas. The biggest and best part of having Jen as my nutritionist and seeing results of Standard Process Supplements started almost 4 years ago when my husband and I had been trying for a year to get pregnant. I got in contact with Jen and she put me on some supplements to help my hormones and balance my cycle. After the first month, I had no menstrual symptoms and my cycle was a few days longer. The next month was a little longer. The third month I was pregnant! I worked with her through my pregnancy and had a wonderful pregnancy and a healthy beautiful baby girl!

Love you Jen! You are amazing and I appreciate you so much! I love how much you care and how much knowledge you have for the human body and how each part functions and what nutrients it needs to work properly! You are a gem and I treasure our relationship!

Audra M.

When I met Jen Franco, I was a “healthy” 26-year-old who had not had a single menstrual cycle in almost four years. I had completely exhausted the “medical doctor route” after three different OB/GYN’s told me it was “normal” after going off the birth control pill. They took various blood tests and ultrasounds all sending me away with the same prognosis, “everything is normal ” and to just “keep waiting”. As someone who has always taken pride in eating healthy, exercising and taking pretty special care of my body, I could not accept what I was hearing. How could this be “normal” and how would I ever get pregnant if my body wasn’t even cycling? Enter Jen Franco. I quickly learned from Jen that health is more than just eating clean and avoiding toxins. Many people have imbalances in their body’s due to a variety of causes. Previous medications, lifestyle choices, environmental and emotional stressors. She is a master at investigating the current state of your health and putting together a protocol of whole food supplements and herbs to help bring your body back to balance… naturally! After working with Jen for a few months I got my first period after years of agonizing about “what was wrong with me”. A year later, I was pregnant with my daughter Sofia. My journey with Jen didn’t end there. She helped support me throughout my pregnancy making sure I had plenty of the appropriate nutrients according to trimester and throughout my postpartum months helping me sustain healthy milk and energy levels as a new Mama. I have recommended Jen to several girlfriends who have experienced any kind of infertility challenges and will continue to do so indefinitely. She is by far the most knowledgeable nutritionist I have met. She knows food, but more importantly she has a deep understanding of how the body works holistically and how to support each organ to do so.

Katie M.
South Carolina

My life prior to seeking out Jen can be described as a lot of trial and error. I’ve always been sensitive to wheat and finally became gluten free in 2010.  I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and have done several (whole food) cleanses in the past, to reset and rejuvenate my body.  I eat organic and enjoy preparing healthy meals and snacks.  I like to be healthy and active, but my husband has decided that I am the healthiest, sickest person he knows!

Two years after I had my appendix removed, I started having lateral foot pain, which led me in and out of Podiatry, Physical Therapy, Orthopedic, and Gastrointestinal appointments.  After months of PT, X-rays, an MRI, and one month off of work due to my foot pain, I started to reevaluate my situation.  The foot pain was not the only symptom affecting my life; waking up for “midnight snacks,” skin rashes, bloating, fatigue, bad breath, craving sweets, and a fungal infection on my toes were just a few of my symptoms affecting me on a daily basis.  I took it upon myself, started doing research, and changed my diet significantly.  For six months, I followed an “anti-candida diet,” and ate nothing but organic meats, and low glycemic fruits and vegetables.  My lateral foot pain started to subside immediately.  But after six months I was still feeling hopeless and a majority of my other symptoms continued to consume my life.  I literally took a nap every afternoon so I could make it through my evening. 

Financially, I was afraid of a nutritionist, but I knew food was going to be my medicine, and I just needed the right prescription.  My chiropractor referred me to Jen.  I was beyond excited to start work with a professional that I could afford. 

She could pinpoint where a majority of my symptoms were coming from, recommended supplements to support my organs and digestion, and tweaked (my already healthy) diet here and there to support my body’s wants and needs.  After the first month of working with her I felt significantly better, by the fourth month I had my energy back, and was able to live an active lifestyle again.  She has revamped my understanding of a healthy lifestyle and has helped me understand what my body needs to thrive.  I am so convinced of her expertise I have referred family members to her, and their results are nothing short of miraculous. She is a wealth of knowledge, realistic, patient, and encouraging.  I’m so pleased that I chose to invest in my health and body.  I finally feel like I can live the healthy and active lifestyle I’ve always strived to live.  Thanks, Jen!

Julie V.

Hi everyone, I’m Jack McWilliams, 68 years old, live in OKC, OK and love life to the fullest.  Generally speaking, I have always been healthy as I have remained physically active in cardio work and weight training for over 45 years.  A year ago, I was diagnosed with U/C (ulcerative colitis) following a colonoscopy and placed on Lialda as a means to address the condition.  Several months into using Lialda successfully at 4 tablets a day, I decided (on my own without the doctor’s consent) to reduce the dosage to 2 tablets a day and then 1 tablet a day a month later.  To say the least, what a mistake.  I was not knowledgeable enough to try self-diagnosis resulting in the original symptoms returning with a vengeance.  After five months of effectively controlling my symptoms, I was facing symptoms even worse than the original symptoms.

About this same time, I was visiting my chiropractor and just happened to mention that I had U/C and whether, by chance, he had a recommendation (or manipulation) for the condition to supplement the Lialda I was taking.  I told him my history with U/C and that it was under control initially until I played doctor and now, I was dealing with flare ups and miserable daily bathroom visits.   He asked whether I had ever tried a nutritional approach to assist supporting the body’s own attempt to address conditions like U/C.  I told him that I had not and that I was skeptical about nutritional supplements and probably was not a poster child for healthy eating habits.  I told him I love chips of any kind, ice cream, cookies, etc. over vegetables, etc.

Long story short, he recommended that I contact Jennifer Franco with the Society of Wellness, Inc. out of San Clemente, CA. who would design a personalized nutrition plan to support the body in expressing complete functional wellness.  Against my better judgement (#1 skeptic in the world), I spoke with Jennifer and began a nutritional program she designed in light of my U/C.  Initial (a month or so taking the recommended supplements) results were mixed.  My skepticism (as well as my doctor, my wife and some of my friends) started to take over and tell me to drop the nutritional approach as a waste of time.  Well, four months later I can say, what a blessing that we (Jennifer and I) stayed the course and now I feel better than I have in decades.  The U/C is under control, I can play golf without running to the bathroom, and I feel better all over, gut, joints, cardio, etc.

All I can say is THANK YOU JENNIFER for not giving up on me though I was my own worst enemy due to my skeptical nature.  My future is bright without Lialda (I hope) and my plan is to continue to complement my body with nutritional supplements that results in feeling great.  It is exciting to know that nutrition (not Big Pharma) works and that the body heals itself if given the chance.

Jack M.

Since my daughter was a small child, she has struggled with some symptoms of ADD, primarily frustration tolerance, boredom, and not engaging in activities that would overwhelm her.  She would experience emotional meltdowns, and had an inability to tolerate certain circumstances, for instance sweating due to physical exercise or the physical contact from participating in a sport. As her Mom, I worked with teachers to help with coping skills.  Gabrielle ALWAYS had a backpack of things to do with her and the teachers provided extra work after she had completed her assignments.   I provided structure to the day to reduce the feelings of being overwhelmed and frustrated.   Gabrielle is also very intelligent so she was able to do some of her own compensating.  

A Psychologist after completing testing diagnosed Gabrielle (age 12) with ADD, absent the hyperactivity component, which I agreed with, hyperactivity had never been a problem.  By the age of 11 or 12 her behaviors and struggles were becoming more complicated and by 13 she had entered puberty and the emotional meltdowns and anger outbursts were more intense and more often than not, daily.  Clearly, the ADD was becoming too much for her.  Although her school days would go okay and her grades were great, there were other problems. Socially she was having trouble connecting and struggled with following instructions from Coaches.  At the end of her school day, she would come home and meltdown from struggling to focus all day.   This all led to a poor self-image, she could see that she couldn’t engage in relationships the way her peers did, she saw herself as different, stupid and ugly, although she was none of the above.  She wanted to participate and grow in extra-curricular activities like violin and basketball, but this required focus and frustration tolerance.

I finally relinquished trying prescription medications.  In a 6-month time span we tried several, Adderall, Concerta, Intuniv, and Straterra.  Awful, all awful!   She became depressed and out of control emotionally on the Straterra.   Although the others provided some small benefit, in large they had no significant impact and were more destructive than helpful.    Gabrielle still wasn’t able to get her mind clear to navigate conflict, resolve feelings of being overwhelmed and follow difficult instructions from her Coaches.  Well, and let’s face the facts, Adderall was only somewhat helpful as long it was in her system.  Our lives were controlled by when she took the medicine and at what time of the day it would no longer be working.

In addition, she developed a condition from the Adderall, Livedo Reticularis.  This condition was located all over her calves.  After taking her to four physicians, and three months later, a Dermatologist finally diagnosed the condition.

This of course, led to a biopsy, because the Doctor wanted to make sure to rule out other conditions.  The biopsy and blood work all came back great.  After much research by the Physician, it was determined to be a rare side effect from the Adderall. We were told by two Dermatologists and her Pediatrician, that the Livedo Reticularis would never resolve.  This was something she would be stuck with her entire life.  I was devastated and Gabrielle was in despair, she had tried everything the doctor’s told her to and nothing was working.

 NOW, what do I do?  The ADD was beyond us being able to manage, and no medications were helping, they were actually destroying her body.   I could see my daughter slipping through my fingers.  It’s middle school, this is not the time to give up or let her potential be lost.  I was determined, but worried and frustrated.  There had to be something that would help her!

During this same time frame, my Chiropractor, Dr. French, asked to take a look at Gabrielle’s spine on an x-ray.  She would come with me to my appointments and obviously he spotted her posture or something else that gave him the indication that she could use some chiropractic help.  The x-rays showed that she had a significant curvature in her spine; Dr. French was sure he could resolve this curvature with adjustments.  During her adjustments, the condition and coloring of her calves became a topic of conversation.  I told Dr. French of our failed attempt to treat the ADD and now the additional concern regarding her legs and veins.

Our Chiropractor offered us hope!  He indicated that the adjustments would be helpful and he suggested nutrition!  I said Okay, we will give nutrition a try.  He referred us to Jen in April of 2013.  Jen and I had some initial discussions, I asked a lot of questions and made some statements like…”please don’t waste our time, can you really help us?”   “Have you helped other children with ADD?”  Her answers were all reassuring and absolutely she could help.  Not only could she help, she indicated that we would see some improvement within 4 to 5 days and very noticeable results within 2 weeks to 30 days.   YES, we absolutely saw results!  It was amazing!   I kept waiting on the other shoe to drop, holding my breath. Instead, what happened was Gabrielle’s clarity of thought became better, the frustration tolerance improved, her ability to tolerate difficult circumstances became obvious.  It took time before her self-esteem caught up, but a year later, my daughter feels great about herself.  She has lost 25 pounds, she maintains a 4.0 in her academics and has plans to attend a college prep high school, she is a violinist in the school orchestra, is athletically involved in competitive basketball teams year-round and believes she has the ability to overcome difficult situations. 

Within 3 months we began to see the results of nutrition on the Livedo Reticularus; this condition has   improved greatly; her calves are looking healthy and normal.

Through the nutrition process Jen spoke directly to Gabrielle, they discussed the benefits of nutrition, what foods she likes, what foods to stay away from and recipe ideas.  Gabrielle loves to cook, so this was a great avenue to empower her to experiment with different foods and learn about the benefits of eating healthy.  Not only has Gabrielle taken the reins on her health she has done school projects on nutrition and explored the idea of becoming a Nutritionist.  Most importantly, she loves herself and her appearance.

In my opinion, our society does not have enough regard for how we treat our bodies, many have the habit of eating whatever they want, not exercising and expecting the Doctors to provide a quick fix in the form of a medication.  Although medications, surgical procedures and diagnostic testing have saved many lives, including mine.  Through nutrition, with the help of supplements, we have learned we can take a proactive approach in our overall health and well-being.  I’m so grateful my daughter has learned the gift of “empowerment” through nutrition and healthy living.  Although we have had many painful times and struggles over the years with the ADD, Gabrielle has overcome and it is a life lesson that she will carry with her always!   Jen taught my daughter how to change her life, she provided her with the tools and educated her about whole foods and eating organically.  Dr. French, our Chiropractor continues to provide adjustments and ongoing support and positive reinforcement for healthy living.  Recent x-rays show a significant improvement in her spine.

We tell everyone who will listen about the real solution nutrition has been for Gabrielle.  It has truly been life changing!

Mary J.

We first visited with Jennifer last summer at the suggestion of our chiropractor.  Our 9-year-old son had been experiencing migraines for about three years. The headaches would only occur every few months but gradually became more frequent and began occurring weekly. The migraines will last for several hours and include vomiting. He will sleep in a dark bathroom until he’s able to move to his bedroom.  We had tried anti-nausea medicine and pain reliever for the migraines with no results. Our pediatrician offered to prescribe migraine medication but we were not comfortable with that option. We saw a pediatric neurologist for a consultation and were told the headaches would likely get worse with puberty. We began chiropractic care and that has definitely helped.  Since beginning our nutrition plan, we have seen a decrease in migraines. The changes we’ve made to our diet and the addition of whole food supplements the frequency of the migraines. The changes we’ve made to our diet and the addition of whole food supplements for our son has been much easier to follow than we anticipated. We are so pleased with the results and the support we have received. It has benefited our entire family.

Miklyn P.