I considered nutrition as an option because I had been to doctors and received medication that I didn’t necessarily want to take.  There are so many side effects that can occur with man-made drugs that I wanted to try a natural and organic way to help alleviate my medical issues.  I have some skin conditions and acne and I have used so many different creams and pills.  They worked for a while but then my skin and body built up a tolerance to them and they no longer worked so I had to try something else.  I have had acne issues on and off for about 12 years.  Nothing severe but enough to warrant medical attention.  I started on the supplements and have seen a drastic difference in my skin in less than a week.  It has really been an amazing thing to see the positive changes happen so quickly.

Also, my daughter, Daisy, was having some continual medical issues that required me to be on a lot of antibiotics over a 6–8-week period of time.  She was not getting any better and my symptoms would keep coming back after she finished the series of antibiotics prescribed by my doctor.  We chose to go with nutrition as a healthy alternative.  Daisy was having fevers, croup, and continual congestion.  After she started on the supplements, she began to see a difference in my health immediately.  Her immune system was healthier and she was able to fight off and actually get rid of the croup and fevers in about a week.  She has continued on the supplements and has not had to return to the doctor and have not been sick since we started.  She feels better and we are very pleased with the choice to go with nutrition.  Thanks again for all the nutritional help.  Daisy and I would be a disaster without you!

Tiffani S.